What’s Inside (Heavily Glute Focused Workout Plan): Inside the Today Fitness Planner, you will have 12 weeks worth of workouts. 5 different workouts each week, allowing for 2 rest days when needed. This workout plans goal is to build you your dream body:

Earn the slim waist, while growing the Brazilian booty! Each week progresses from the last – Every 4 weeks, the workouts switch up and are a bit more advanced than the previous workouts.

These are designed by Shelby, who is an expert in gaining curves in the gym. This is her exact workout plan she followed and still swears by, in order the gain the booty you always dreamed of!

Track your daily workouts for 3 months by keeping close tabs on health and wellness with our fitness workout journal, created by fitness professional Shelby Robins.

How to Use: Our comprehensive fitness journal includes guidelines that show you what exercises target what muscle groups, and makes it easy to record every element of your fitness journey and keep yourself on track.

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