The Bible says that there was a beginning of things, and that there will be an end. Near the end we will see a hero and a villain arise, the son of God will battle the son of Satan.

The prophecies in the Bible have a great deal to say about this, but one prophecy has been overlooked. . . until now. “I will explain to you the mystery of the beast who once was, now is not, and yet will come. This calls for a mind with wisdom (Revelation 17: 7- 9).”

Here we are told that the Beast, the son of Satan, once lived, but at one time he was not alive, and that he would live again. The Beast will seem to recover from a fatal wound (Revelation 13: 3). Not a nearly fatal wound. He will seem to recover from death! In the end times he will be seen to rise from the grave in imitation of Jesus Christ.

Who was the Beast?

But more importantly, why is that mysterious fraternity of Freemasons preparing to come to his aid? We will examine their own writings and rituals to confirm that they are devoted to the Beast who once was.

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