This is not a long book. Cristina already knows you don’t have the time to read it, and she certainly didn’t have the time to write it. So it’s more of an instruction manual, helping you to succeed in this new crazy gig you just jumped into … or are thinking of getting into.

The things in this book need to be said, because they TRULY would have helped her get results faster and Cristina KNOWS they will make a big difference to you, too, as you get started.

After 20 years in network marketing, Cristina has seen so many excited hopefuls bring their deepest dreams to the altar of the network marketing gods, hoping that this vehicle truly might work. Many have great success, many do not. Yes, we all know that anyone CAN.

This book will share with you Ten Tips that will stack the odds massively in your favor. These secrets come from observing the strategies, the habits and especially the thinking of those individuals who use network marketing to impact the world and make every one of their dreams come true.

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