From e-commerce to cloud computing, Amazon continues to disrupt industry after industry. For some time now, their wide reach has extended into publishing. Since its inception in 2007, Kindle Direct Publishing (KDP) has taken the industry by storm, enabling fledgling writers to bypass the hurdles of traditional publishing and appeal directly to their readership.

The stigmas have faded, self-publishing is the future of publishing, and—from the looks of things—Amazon KDP is the future of self-publishing.

Not only is it the future, but as of now, KDP is the best option for writers looking to self-publish while making a real, livable income.

The benefits of publishing through Amazon are immense. There are virtually no barriers to entry. If you have your manuscript and book cover ready right now, your book can be listed on the Amazon marketplace by tomorrow. Moreover, KDP gives you free and immediate access to the largest reader base in the world.

Do you have an idea for a book but are not sure what exact action steps to take? Are you simply looking for a way to make a few thousand dollars (or potentially more) in passive income per month? If so, then you’ve come to the right place. In this book, I will show you exactly how to turn your idea into a professional Amazon listing that will earn you—assuming you follow my guidelines closely—at least $500 per month for each book you publish.

This book covers everything you need to know about publishing on Amazon, including how to find the most profitable book ideas, how to obtain cover designs that sell, how to format your book for KDP, how to grow sales with Amazon Ads, and much more! I hold nothing back in this comprehensive book on self-publishing. Learn everything I’ve picked up over my many years of experience as a self-published author, and see for yourself how I make at least $500 per month on every book I write.

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