Non-Fiction story of a true event of me and my wife driving a Semi Truck from Minnesota to Amarillo, Texas and being held over there for four days until Interstate 40 west bound was reopened due to severe weather conditions. We got caught up on everything a trucker normally didn’t have time to get done.

When the freeway was opened we stated heading west towards Ontario, California to deliver a time sensitive sealed load for IBM. We encountered several Tornado’s of them during our trip to California. We went through hurricane force winds, hail the size of baseballs, flying cows and and all kinds of debris thrown at us. We encountered many semis tipped over and cars everywhere.

We finally found a safe underpass and helped save the lives of many of the four Wheeler’s (Truckers language for cars). A few of our new found friends cars were swished away by the tornado and we gave them a ride to the next safe place. We made it to Tucumcari, New Mexico where we met the sheriff and many other deputies to make our reports of the incident.

We continued going west to Santa Fe and stayed a few more days to catch up on our bearings before we continued to California to deliver. We then went home for a very restful vacation.

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